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Future proof your home loan.

When you’re buying a property, you are understandably focused on obtaining finance quickly and at the right rate. Unfortunately, it is too easy to end up burdened by a mortgage that does not suit your future plans. Hunter Valley Home Loans assesses all loan options against your current and future needs so that your loan fits you.

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Meet with a home loan specialist.

Tailored home loans.

Hunter Valley Home Loans will listen and gain an understanding of what you are looking for before taking your requirements to market. The options presented to you will be personalised to your budget and circumstances.

We can offer fixed and variable loans, interest only, first time buyer mortgages, loans with redraw facilities, bridging loans and low doc finance. What is important is that the type of loan suits your current and future requirements. The current rate now may lock you in to a fixed term commitment that costs you more in the long run. Hunter Valley Home Loans will consider all aspects.

If you already have a home loan, but you’re wondering if there is a better option, please contact us for a re-finance assessment. It may be that potential savings outweigh the costs of changing your home loan. We will do all the calculations and provide advice.

We understand your time is precious and that is why we will fit into your schedule. We can visit your home by appointment, or our Hunter Valley office is conveniently located for you to pop in for a coffee and a chat.

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